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Food Industries

Morate is a website for the food industry at large. They pride themselves on providing “busy professionals like you with a bird’s-eye-view of the food industry in 60 seconds.” With that goal in mind, Morate provides industry news and excellent original analysis on the issues you need to know now. They are an excellent resource for busy food safety professionals that want to stay up on the industry but don’t have time to read long form op-eds.
The food supply chain

The food supply chain generally starts with agricultural businesses producing the food stuff that is then processed and served to individual consumers. Therefore, the F&B service stands for the integral last step of a long chain that ends with a meal on a plate or a drink in a glass. Full-service restaurants, bars, pubs, fast food outlets, caterers, and other places that prepare, serve and sell food or drink to the general public are all part of the industry.


The industry

Morate food industries are part of the daily lives of billions of customers as a place for them to get food or simply spend some quality time with their friends and family.